Since 1990, RdHOO has rendered legal services to major domestic and foreign clients in Venezuela. Our mission is to provide high quality legal services in a timely, efficient and competitive manner through an experienced team of professionals with exceptional skills. Most of our professionals have post-graduate studies in Venezuela, the United States or Europe, and several have also gained experience working in renowned firms abroad.We actively participate in various relevant chambers and major trade associations in Venezuela. Likewise, many of our members are active professors in the most prestigious universities nationwide. Our main offices are in Caracas, but we are able to offer services in other cities of Venezuela, through local firms with whom we have a long and close relationship. RdHOO is part of Terralex ®, an international network of independent law firms, which brings together more than 150 law firms worldwide, allowing us to complement our extensive international experience. In RdHOO we strive daily to provide timely legal services that add value to our clients’ business.

Areas de práctica

Corporate Law,Energy and Natural Resources,Public Law and Regulatory Law,Tax,Labor Law,Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution,Antitrust and Competition Law,Telecommunications,Intellectual Property and Franchising,Entertainment and Advertising Law,Bank and Finance

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